Writer, designer, developer, & flâneur.

I'm Josh van Asten and I work mostly under the name “Voidjumper.” I'm a South African philomath based in

Enschede, the Netherlands.

Presently, I aim to graduate from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the March of 12,021.

A part of UNICEF Student Team Enschede, Stichting BEIEN, AFRISA, Theatre Association NEST, and the loose art collective Merveilles, I also act as an Elder Botanist of the Imaginarium of Glass & Weeds.


I speak English, Dutch, & Afrikaans, and have begun the journey towards picking up Persian.

re: Computer languages I am familiar with C#, C++, & Java and have dabbled in a few more, as well knowing enough CSS & PHP to make this website.


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