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Dig through the soil.

Tending the Garden is an on-going process. The mists constantly ebb and flow, crystalline structures balancing on a knife-edge, appearing and disappearing at a moment's notice.

There is always work to be done: beds need their soil tilled, new seedlings need their time in the sun, and wisend trees need their branches tended to.

Support for the Imaginarium will help new projects come to fruition and old projects remain updated.


If you both would like—and if you find yourfelf able—to support the Garden you can do so in a number of ways:

  • · Buy Voidjumper a coffee on ko-fi.
  • · Become a Glass & Weeds patron on Patreon.
  • · Purchase a game or book directly from the Glass & Weeds itch.
  • · Find and report bug fixes on GitHub.

Support directly.