Voidjumper » Survive The Night - Josh van Asten

Survive The Night

An open-world, survival board game.

Four players attempt to navigate a forest, hunting for the shattered components of machinery that will get them to safety. Each move must be carefully considered as while you can forage for resources during the day, travelling through the night will quickly leave you with little—which will serve one no good when the forest's creatures, or other players, decide to attack.


Each turn you may roll a die, which determinds how far you can move. Moving across daylight tiles accrues you food & torches: necessary resources which get burned as you travel across tiles marked by night. As long as you have the die roll & resources available to make the trip, you may move in any direction you please along the board.

You begin with—and can also gather—a number of sword consumables. Encountering a wild beast, or another player, will force you to expend swords in order to survive, relative the sword count of the attacker.

The aim of the game is to be either the last remaining player, or escape the forest by gathering up all the pieces of necessary machinery placed on cog tiles.


Landing on '?' tiles prompts the player to draw an Encounter Card. Encounter Cards contain random encounters: such as being surprised by vicious creatures, coming across abandoned packs of resources, or being transported to another location on the map.