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Time does not exist.

Void's working theory of time.

The first thing you should nkow, as we talk about time, is that this is about magic. This is about idea and belief. It is about a philosophy of a concept that underlies a sound, and sit snuglly packaged within, riding out into the ears and minds of its hosts and takes root their leaning on their visions and shaping the ways in which they can see the world.

And then it is about time too. But if you simply want to rebutt this on the grounds of some theoretical or physical formula—go ahead, but I shan't be reading it.

Mostly you will get into discussions with believers-of-time, whose first article of disagreement involves a profuse exclamation that time must (or does) exist because you can see it. We all know what time is because we all experience time every day. And to that I say: yes, and yes again.

The first of my "yes"es has to do with the very clear observation that one minute is not the same as the next, noon and midnight are most certainly different things, and your alarm set for five minutes from now will ring in five minutes. I am not denying any of these things happen, or claiming that they don't. I am, however, aruging that this is not exactly time as you think you know it. Or, rather, it is but one aspect of time, to which you erroneously categorise as time. And yes, this entire essay will be addressed to you, the anonymous reader, where or not you do or do not agree with anything I am saying.

The second of my yeses is: that what you think you are experiencing when you experience time is wrong. It is in this way that it 'does not exist' Something with the 'time' surely does exist, but what you (or you likely) imagine when you do think of time, that time does not exist. It has been invented, it has been strengthed through memetic proliferation—particularly through sci-fi and recent film franchises—and it has come to sit in your head as what you think time is, when it really isn't.

This essay is still being written.