Voidjumper » Nuclear Rangers - Josh van Asten

Nuclear Rangers

An 80s-esque, space-faring, nuclear, soccer-playing, rocket-em-'up.

Nuclear Rangers is a two-player, space-faring, soccer-analogue.

Recently updated to the Slim Edition!

Read the update log for the Slim Edition! here.

Rangers can pilot a variety of ships during their time in the arena: a battleground where they find themselves firing out detonatable nukes in order to use their shockwaves to launch a ball across the field and into their opponent's goals.

Each Ranger comes with their own set of pros and cons. While out on the field Rangers also find themsleves with access to a number useable pick-ups that just might turn the tide against their opponent's leg up!

Cast of Characters

Take to the arena as any one of six playable Rangers: Hith, Bulletflow, Nox, Trush, Ocis, and Talonoe; each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Ships, Ships, Ships!

In the arena, it might be your Ranger bringing the skill, but your ship brings the style. Fix your flair with any of the six pilotable ships available: The Attaïra, Raumfalke, Rekkin, Carcará, El Tridente and Skyspear—each named in one of the six unique languages our development team spoke.