Voidjumper » Lingering Shadows - Josh van Asten

Lingering Shadows

A semi-infinite runner set inside your dreams.

Lingering Shadows follows an artist who falls asleep in a forest. Her dreams are soon corrupted by her over-active imagination and an ever-present darkness begins to chase her. While inside her dream, she must use what little sanity she gains from the simple beauty of the floating fireflies that surround her to slowly return to wakefulness.

To her though, the dream feels real. And with the darkness so close behind, and the forest so tangled and treacherous, would it not be worth it to spend some of that sanity on acts of supreme concentration to ensure she does not slip and fall off the path?


Slow Time

Central to Lingering Shadows' 'precision platforming' design is the ability to capture and restore sanity. Sanity is the currency used to complete levels, however it can also be spent to gain a moment of supreme concentration: allowing time to seemingly slow-down, making landing that next jump just a bit easier.

River Flow

Lingering Shadows' level design features a section of forest through which a river flows. Tumbling down it are bobbing, floating logs over which the player must jump.

Concept Art:

   Glowing Mushroom

   Forest Pathway