Voidjumper » Skypath - Josh van Asten


A laser-based puzzle game built in a custom C++ Engine

Skypath is 3D puzzle game based around laser grids. Lost among strange, floating palaces rotate emitters, receivers, and mirrors to bounce laser lines across the sky. Completing the pattern will allow progress to the next strange domain.

Travel through Middle Eastern, Victorian England, and Pre-Modern Japanese inspired spaces, grabbing pieces of your craft as you go.

Collect each piece—along with helpful, travelling friends—and repair your craft to return home.

Custom & Laser Powered!

Technical challenge:

Skypath was made in three weeks in a custom C++ engine, something neither programmer had experience with. As such, both the gameplay and engine were developed together during an extremely short window.

Sketches of Unreleased

   Puzzle Pieces

   Level Design

   Puzzle Pieces