Voidjumper » brieven van de woestijn - Josh van Asten

brieven van de woestijn

A decaying archive of the world's final letters.

brieven van de woestijn ("letters from the desert") is a piece of interactive fiction. It is an altgame in the form of an epistolary.

Before you stretches a sea of sand. You stand in the midst of a desert. Looming like a proud spire above you is the crumbling remains of a Radiotower. You mount the ladder and ascend to the operating booth. Decaying, but miraculously still active, sits the old Operator's switchboard. Tower diagnostics report that the Tower's internal archive—which logged all previous transmissions through the Tower—is still at least partially active.

. . .

> Access Tower archives?


brieven van de woestijn sees you operating the barely functioning switchboard of a crumbling Radiotower. By connecting nodes together with the provided wires, you can access data stored in the Tower's archive.

A full soundtrack was provided by the wonderful gpsychosis. The Official Soundtrack playlist can be found here. It is comprised of the following tracks:


   1    Pyrrhamid
   2    Accretion Normals
   3    Bound Locomotive
   4    [e]schaton
   5    Ferretday Cage
   6    Hermetic Actualization
   7    Wreckage Remnant
   8    Datamongers
   9    Blueback
   10   Static Dynamism
   11   Etheric Interlopers
   12   Multiverse Navigation
   13   Measure Island


Global Game Jam '18

Originally made for the 12,018 GGJ under the theme of “Transmission” and completed during the summer of 12,020.

The full story of brieven van de woestijn can be experienced anytime, anywhere with the optional .pdf handbook The Collected Entries of "brieven van de woestijn" which includes the entire story to be read at your leisure.

   Handbook Cover